Good Day L.A. ......Molly and I sent our Ornaments to this morning show.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Patchwork Long Beach, Rained but it didn't bring us down!

Our Set up this year. I Heart the monster cake Bobby Saldana made.

Monster's Bunny's.

Monster and her bunny party

Donut hairclip by Squirrel

Hair Clips, Rings, and such.

Sunday 's Forecast : RAIN !  The forecast didn't look so great and we didn't know how it would impact potential Patchwork goers but we didn't let that bring us down!  We kept working and working on our latest collection of felties, ornaments, rings, gloves, hair clips, and other cute things. The Saturday night before I stayed up late working on bags and  finishing up all my projects while watching  tons of movies like :  500 Days of Summer, Christmas Vacation, BabyCakes, and Elf.  After I woke up from my  5 hours of sleep I could hear the rain just pounding my roof. My first thought hmmmm, this is going to be a challenge  keeping all our soft plushies dry.  Second thought I hope people don't get afraid and  stay home... Especially some of our friends, they hate rain.  That morning our  friend  Bobby met us at our place  to help out , also he designed  our awesome monster cake display. Once we got to Marine Stadium we immediately put our heads together and got our table set up in a inch of rain.  The rain lasted throughout the morning but cleared up in the afternoon.  Thank goodness! And the crowd started coming.  We met many nice people and saw lots of good friends and family!   It was a brilliant chilly day.  Delilah and Nicole are just awesome and always put on a excellent show. We look forward to the next one .....maybe Spring.     

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