Good Day L.A. ......Molly and I sent our Ornaments to this morning show.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mustache Pin Giveaway.

And the winners are......Francine Hernandez, Jeni Dow, Rebecca Katherine Giesking Quiroz, and Sheri! Please email us your address so we can mail u your prize. Monsterandthe And thanks for participating! We are excited for our next giveaway.... :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

What's your favorite 4th of July Memory from your childhood?

We are giving away 5 awesome mustache pins to our favorite 5 memories! 

Happy 4th of July friends of Monster and the Squirrel!  We have been in hibernation mode since Christmas and in honor of our awakening from our long hiatus we are giving away some awesome NEW mustache pins that Squirrel created just for u! All you have to do is tell us ur most awesomeness childhood memory!

Mine (Squirrel): When I was a kid our family  use to have huge 4th of July parties and all my cousins would come over to my grandma's house . My family would be  BBQing and there would be crazy illegal fireworks blasting into the sky.  Some fires but nothing too major!  My sister and I would get so excited when our cousins from Bakersfield would come down because then we would have kids to play with!  We played crack the whip, freeze tag, hide & go seek and made our own Slip and slide with trash bags!  I just remember how awesome it was to be with all my family... together having fun. It seems as the years passed and everyone got older, everyone grew a little distant and those days don't exist anymore. Awwwee the good old days in Placentia.

This is Monster's Favorite memory of her and her nanny celebrating with sparklers
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